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Why is it better to have your car cleaned at a car wash?

For most people an automobile represents a significant investment and one they want to protect. What many people don't know is that professional car washes use just a fraction of the water that one would use at home. Additionally, the cloths used by car wash equipment aren't as harsh to a vehicles finish. Hand washing picks up grit and fine particles that leave scratches in an automobiles paint.
Will my vehicle fit thru your car wash?

The maximum height of a vehicle thru the automatic soft cloth tunnel is 90 inches or 7.5 feet. The maximum height thru the touchless automatic is 84 inches or 7 feet. Please note we do not allow doolies or vehicles with any type of roof racks or plow frames thru the touchless automatic. Maddy's Car Wash does not take any responsibility for non-standard or dealer added options. There is a disclaimer posted outside the entrance of the car wash during business hours. Please make sure you fully understand the disclaimer before entering. If you do have any questions or concerns about your vehicle please come by and speak to an attendant.
What is your damage policy?

We take full responsibility if it is our fault. However, we do have a disclamer and we do need to talk about pre-existing conditions. This simply means if something is broken or breaking and we wash it, we are not liable. While our car wash is state of the art and has very little friction, care is needed to wash a car properly. Please be realistic and not expect us to fix your existing problem because we washed your car.
Why should I inspect my vehicle before I come in?

Please inspect your vehicle before coming to visit us. We have customers that allow their cars to accumulate a lot of road debris and they get real dirty. They don't notice or see the damage until the car is clean. Once it's clean we have been encountering that the customer thinks the carwash is at fault. Keep it simple. If we did it.we will fix it. This is why we have so many security cameras. We wash thousands of cars every month and we've been in business long enough to tell you we've seen it all.
Why should I inspect my vehicle before I leave?

Don't leave the site until you inspect your vehicle and you are 100% happy. We cannot verify any concerns once the vehicle leaves our property.
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